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How To Guide for Agents

Be the only agent to reach out and grab the attention of homebuyers when  listed properties are viewed and reviewed.

Thank you for using BetterNests to help you market your services and advance your career. As we're all aware, every product and service is reviewed these days. Even us! Now, buyers are invited to share their thoughts on available homes.  When they do, you'll reach out and grab their attention by presenting all your contact information.  See what it looks like here.

Here's what to do next...

  Important Instructions!  

In order to display your contact information on property pages, we need your data in our system. If you haven't completed your contact form or uploaded your photo, visit your My Contact Info page when logged in.

Next, go to our homepage and enter the address of any property you want to appear on. If it hasn't been claimed by another agent, click the gray link icon next to the map image that looks like this:        .  As long as you've added your contact info, all your information will appear. Always keep in mind: ads are placed by agents on a first come, first served basis and will run for 120 days!

Submit your own comments on property pages you appear on and invite others (including owners) to submit one. The more comments, the more exposure for you!

Link to place agent ad
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