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"The real estate industry is in constant motion. We flow with it and grow...or we sink." 

Flow with us!

BetterNests is a free platform for people to save and share their thoughts on homes currently for sale. After seeing multiple properties, they can review their posts to refresh their memory and make more informed buying decisions. Homebuyers can also create free BetterNestsAI reports which analyze their preferences and home posts. This is a great environment for you to introduce your services to buyers in need of your help! 

Screen shot of BetterNests homepage.


Buyers want all the facts

BetterNests makes it easy for buyers to save their thoughts on homes they're considering. You can inexpensively appear on every property they take notes on.


Dominate your market

BetterNests allows you to appear as a listing or buyers agent on any available property....and it only costs around $3! Ads are on a first come, first served basis.

Sampe real estate agent ad.
Satisfied real estate agent using BetterNests


Flexibility & ad duration

It's up to you to choose which property pages you'd like to appear on and when. Each ad runs for 4 months and you will be the only agent featured!


Give the gift of information

Homebuyers create up to 3 BetterNestsAI reports for free. You can give them unlimited, free access by sharing a coupon code we'll provide when you sign up for free site membership.  Share it with all your clients and customers. There's no ongoing commitment required for this service!

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